Sturdee Residence: the elite apartments of Singapore

If you are planning to have a luxury apartment, the good news is here. Sustained land Pte Ltd has brought you Sturdee Residence. The constructions going to get completed within few days and the bookings have already started. If you are an investor, then this will be a great place to invest.

sturdee residence the elite apartments of singapore

Site of condominium

This brand new ambitious project is situated along Sturdee Road, District 08 in Singapore. The Orchard road is just a few minutes by car. You can reach any part of Singapore from Farrer Part MRT station, which is just a few minutes by foot. Moreover, the upcoming Bendemeer metro station is also very near to this residency.

There are more than 200 shopping shops and supermarkets around this place. You can easily reach The City Square Mall, Serangoon Plaza, Mustafa centre from here. There are also famous restaurants surrounding this place. The Jalan Besar sports centre and stadium is also very near to this.

If you are kids, then this place have a number of well-known schools, colleges and universities of Singapore, School of arts and many others at close proximity.

Life at Sturdee Residence

You will experience a high end living style at Sturdee. There are thousands of amenities in this place.

  • Firstly, the room have an excellent interior. The modular kitchen is fully fitted with branded electronic devices. The bathroom is made of imported quality fittings. There is an excellent view from this tower.
  • There is separate swimming pool for adults and kids. The water jet pool is a new attraction.
  • Other facilities includes Children’s playground, Meditation Pavilion, spa, function room, dining pavilion, BBQ pavilion and obviously green lawns.


This is like living in heaven. There is only 265 units at the Sturdee Residences. So if you are planning for one then grab it soon.

Skies 39 Condo: live your life in a luxury way

Are you looking for a residential place at Singapore? There here is the best condominium for you. The Evia Real Estate in Toa Payoh, brings up Skies 39 Condo. The place has all ultra-modern facilities and an excellent location which will blow your mind.

skies 39 condo live your life in a luxury way

Where is it located?

You can reach the towers, within a few minutes from Bradell MRT station. Places, near MRT station, are getting rare, so this may be your best chance to book a flat.

You can also reach here from Raffles Place or Orchard Road within a couple of minutes. The place is surrounded with some great financial institutions, like Beatty Secondary, PeiChun Public School, Raffles Institution and CHIJ Toa Payoh. Thus, if you have children, it will be the very best place for you.

What are the amenities at Skies 39 Condo?

Skies 39 will make your life like heaven. The facilities which you will get only here are

  • There are many food outlets nearby, starting from simple coffee shops to standard restaurants. You can have nice family time there.
  • There are also popular shopping malls, in this area.
  • If you see that map, you will find that the skies 69 are located adjacent to Macritchie Reservoir. This can be a natural attraction and source of fresh air to your family.
  • There is an exotic swimming pool, sunbath area, clubhouse, guardhouse, children’s playground and all.
  • For your fitness, there is an indoor gym, aqua gym and tennis court.
  • For the party, there is a gathering place and a BBQ area.

Why choose skies 69?

All these features are exclusively available at the Skies Condo. Moreover, you will enjoy excellent transportation facility all throughout the day.

Centrium Square: The most important place to go on holidays

There are lot more thing than your imagination which can amaze you. The things like buildings, trees, fruits and each and everything which you see around yourself. Everything in the world has a good social and economic importance if that is made by the humans. The natural things have the importance of balancing nature and the man made things are important to keep balance between economy and growth. Building like the former Serangoon Plaza is the pride of the place and people can say that they have something on which they can rely on for every need. This is a fact and if you need to know why then you have to see it with your own eyes nothing can console you.

centrium square the most important place to go on holidays

Situation of the building- People who travel to Singapore are those lucky ones who get the chance to experience the beauty of the Centrium Square with their own eyes. It is really one of the best things which are ever created by man in Singapore. The building is strategically made on the Serangoon road and the metro station named Farrer Park is just beside it.

Selection of the place- The place is selected by the engineers of the entire city. It is one of the busiest places in Singapore and the office goers go through this place. This gives the place a great importance. Because the builders thought that why don’t they make office here? This will be beneficiary for all.

Why near the metro station- An office near metro station will give good comfort to the office goers. They don’t have to travel a lot. This is why they decided to make the building near the station. The plan has worked and according to the report the visitors have been increased.

So why are you waiting for? There you will find everything you need just go and take a peek. Centrium Square is the most important thing in Singapore if you are there to spend your holidays.

Everything to know about Poiz Residences in Singapore

Poiz Residences happens to be one of the newest mixed development condos being constructed in Singapore. It is very closely located to the MRT station named Potong Pasir which makes it one of the best places to live in right now. It is situated opposite to the Sennett Estate building and is being developed by the company named MCC Land.

everything to know about poiz residences


As far as the units in the building are concerned:

  • This development will consist of a total of 731 residential units.
  • It will contain a total of 84 commercial units.

The commercial units are grouped together and named as the Poiz Centre. It features some unique architecture along with a lot of contemporary designs as well. All of these features are ready to make this building stand out from the rest of the units in the area.


Poiz Residences happens to be located on the city fringes and hence offers great connectivity to the rest of the city. As mentioned before, it is located in close proximity to the Potong Pasir MRT station. It is also just a few minutes away from the Kallang Riverside. You will also find that this place is very close to the city’s biggest expressways. CTE, KPE and PIE happen to be some of the few examples.


There are tons of advantages of living in this mixed development:

  • Provides affordable prices to customers for its bedrooms and other utilities.
  • Provides really easy access to lots of shopping malls, entertainment facilities, cinema halls and so on.
  • Is in close proximity to educational institutions like schools and colleges.
  • Hospitals, police stations and other basic amenities are also in close proximity to this development.

So this is everything you need to know about Poiz Residences. If you live in Singapore or are planning to move there on a permanent basis, you can give this place a try. It is still a work in progress but that does not take away any of its potentials.

Some benefits of using a water dispenser for office

There are two distinct sorts of water dispenser these days, beginning with the divider mounted allocator, which takes the fluid from the primary supply, and the filtered water container, which uses bottles that should be always supplanted when unfilled. Both of these have their own particular one of a kind advantage that makes them engaging individuals. Water is a significant piece of our lives, one which keeps out body hydrated and sound at all times. Having a water distributor around to keep the thirst under control at all times has turned out to be truly imperative these days, and this is the reason.

some benefits of using a water dispenser for office

Types of water dispenser for office

Most office will go for the stand alone type of water dispenser, as the water reservoir is much larger, to supply enough water for everyone in the office. Direct pipe-ins over bottled type of dispenser would be more preferred, so that there is no need to change the bottle when it run out of  water. For filters, usually its optional to choose from. But bear in mind that a sediment filter, pre-carbon and post-carbon filters are mandatory.

Divider mounted water dispenser for office

The divider mounted water dispenser for office takes the water straightforwardly from the fundamental water supply, which implies that it spares you cash from needing to purchase jugs of water at all times. Then again it is not as simple to introduce as the other sort. Likewise it can’t be introduced all around; you have to have admittance to your building water framework to have the capacity to securely snare the gadget to it.

Filtered water dispenser for office

This depends on changing the water dispenser and on continually water conveyance to your office. Notwithstanding it is much less demanding to introduce and it can be effectively put anyplace inside of the room at all times. Everything you need is unfasten it from the force supply, move it wherever it should be put, snare it to the divider fitting and its prepared to give you crisp drink again immediately.

Breast enlargement exercises- The best natural approach to address small breasts

A larger, rounder and firmer breast is what women fall for. This organ had been a symbol of the feminine grace and a perfectly shaped breast can make a lady to appear more feminine. While some women have a perfect breast naturally, in some of their counterparts the standing is just on the other end. Women having smaller or loose breast feels like they had lost up the major portion of their grace and charm.

breast enlargement exercises the best natural approach to address small breasts

Some effective solutions to solve the breast related issues

In concurrent times, there are several natural breast enlargement methods available that can restore the perfect shape and the size in matter of no time. Some of these measures are superficial, while others are generic. The generic measures comprises of activities like consumption of supplements, doing breast enlargement exercises, applying messages of oils or herbal creams etc. These methods takes time to yield the result, but happen to be completely safe for the mental and physical health. Asides, these steps would require the least of monitory inputs or even no direct inputs as is the case for the exercises. No wonder, these would be the most popular choices among the various ways to enlarge the breast.

The best of solution that comes to effective zero prices

The breast enlargement exercises are probably the best of the approach. It is because it not only takes care of the specific purpose, but the overall workouts also keep the lady fit, both from physical and mental health. A set of exercises like wall pushups, chest presses, bench presses and pushups can get one a miraculous result to enlarge the breast. As these workouts involve movements of the shoulders and the arms, the muscles and the skins round the breast gets toned that eventually turns the breast to be firmer and it appears to be larger. A regular workout session of about half-an hour, gives satisfactory results with the time of a few weeks.