Everything to know about Poiz Residences in Singapore

Poiz Residences happens to be one of the newest mixed development condos being constructed in Singapore. It is very closely located to the MRT station named Potong Pasir which makes it one of the best places to live in right now. It is situated opposite to the Sennett Estate building and is being developed by the company named MCC Land.

everything to know about poiz residences


As far as the units in the building are concerned:

  • This development will consist of a total of 731 residential units.
  • It will contain a total of 84 commercial units.

The commercial units are grouped together and named as the Poiz Centre. It features some unique architecture along with a lot of contemporary designs as well. All of these features are ready to make this building stand out from the rest of the units in the area.


Poiz Residences happens to be located on the city fringes and hence offers great connectivity to the rest of the city. As mentioned before, it is located in close proximity to the Potong Pasir MRT station. It is also just a few minutes away from the Kallang Riverside. You will also find that this place is very close to the city’s biggest expressways. CTE, KPE and PIE happen to be some of the few examples.


There are tons of advantages of living in this mixed development:

  • Provides affordable prices to customers for its bedrooms and other utilities.
  • Provides really easy access to lots of shopping malls, entertainment facilities, cinema halls and so on.
  • Is in close proximity to educational institutions like schools and colleges.
  • Hospitals, police stations and other basic amenities are also in close proximity to this development.

So this is everything you need to know about Poiz Residences. If you live in Singapore or are planning to move there on a permanent basis, you can give this place a try. It is still a work in progress but that does not take away any of its potentials.