Executive Condominium- frame of luxury lifestyle

Executive Condominium at The Terrace Punggol EC have more space and bigger living units than the usual apartments between their buildings and allow good air flow. They would also have round the clock security services and emergency assistance setups. A management framework would usually exist which will conduct meetings and take decisions within the people living in Punggol ECs. They also have maintenance personnel in-house who constantly keep inspecting the health of all the electrical and electronic equipment which are deployed. They usually have stunning yard or a terrace with greenery and ornamental plants and a dedicated gardener to take care of them. Executive Condominiums also have doorman, security night vision cameras, premium wooden flooring and furnishings, valet parking, dry clean pick-up facilities, fitness center and aerobics studio, clubhouse with indoor games, swimming pools, badminton courts, golf courts and function halls or utility halls.

executive condominium frame of luxury lifestyle

Some needful things to follow while choosing an Executive Condominium

  • Check for the location if it is in close proximity to shopping centres, entertainment hubs, hospitals and schools
  • Check for the connectivity with important roads and highways and also the traffic conditions prevalent in that location.
  • Check for the indoor mobile connectivity and signal strength, as that is a common issue that is being faced especially in higher floors.
  • Check for the credibility of the builders/housing developers if they have such building projects previously done in some other parts of the city and you may personally visit their other buildings and gather some intelligence
  • Check for proper plan and documentation and other legal documents and proofs. It is also good to examine the furnishings and floors and wirings when they show a model house.
  • Check for proper ventilation and air flow possibilities and also check the sound proofing levels.
  • Check for the water availabilities in nearby areas especially ground water availability and the power supply in that locality.