Say Go Green and use natural makeup

This is an era of Go Green when shopping malls charges for plastic carry bags and tends to make an easy flow of green bags usage. So why is it only paper bags for shopping and not for makeup? Make up comes in direct contact with skin and the chemicals make an easy flow to blood. Natural makeup should have more existence in the market than chemical preservatives.

say go green and use natural makeup

Why go natural or organic?

You hardly go through the ingredients when you buy a cosmetic. It is presumed that you never know how harmful some chemicals and preservatives in that makeup are. While natural makeup is safe to use as it contains herbal extracts with very less harmful chemicals that might not create that skin imbalance.

These kinds of makeup are free from synthetic constituents and obtain purely natural ingredients. Natural makeups are usually vegetable or fruit extract that hardly affects when in direct contact with skin. For people having sensitive skin, they are safe to use natural makeup products. These have wholesome ingredients and are less prone to skin allergies. Synthetic cosmetics are irritants that harm the skin. Though synthetic cosmetics are the best way to go but some companies cheat their customers by saying the synthetic products to be natural one. The cosmetic line use berry for natural reddening property as lip enhancing products like lip balms, lip gloss, lip sticks. Other high pigmented plants may also be used as ingredients.

Get a check

Before you buy a natural makeup go through the cosmetic line and check USDA certification for natural ingredients so don’t get cheated by fraud promises. Consumers can easily take advantage of cosmetic lines that are pure organic and environmentally conscious. Earthly makeup is best suited in this era. So go environment friendly and remove synthetics from market.