South Beach stands apart with its astonishing architecture in Singapore

Singapore is growing in a substantial and rapid way to arise as the best city across the globe. Already Singapore has occupied its place in the list of illustrious ten cities of the world. However, the Singapore bureaucrats are ambitious to realize this city on the acme position in this chart. This could be achieved in the near future since it comprises all the aspects to become the best city in the world.

south beach stands apart with its astonishing architecture in singapore

A dream come true

South beach residence is a joint project developed between IOI Corporation and CDL. South beach is considered to be a totemic proposal in Singapore. It includes both domiciliary as well as infomercial campus sited in the city of Singapore. In generic it would have office, sumptuous hotels, billets and malls. Green Mark Award given by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore has honored South beach twice for its eco-friendly edifice.

A gem of innovation in construction

South Beach residences Singapore is well-known for its distinguished design with a pioneering style of structure. South beach’s main feature comprises of lightweight awning and ribbon-like outward show which was enthused by a shape and purpose of a tree. The canopy is 280m in length across the whole edifice that acts as a screen to the sunshine and directs zephyr into populace areas. Thus, South Beach is always cool and comfy throughout the year. The other principal aspect of this green structure is its large sky garden. This provides unpolluted and clean air to South Beach. By this way, South Beach saves large amount of electricity and water yearly. South Beach is anticipated to be an effervescent panorama with patio and gardens in storeys depicting the link among construction of the past, present and future.